Jihad and Caliphate: A New Narrative 

​Criteria For U.N. Security Council Qualification

​There are six qualities necessary for a nation to have permanent membership in the UN Security Council with veto power.

  1. Political Power

  2. Economic Power

  3. Social Power

  4. Military Power

  5. Nuclear Power

  6. Missile Power

For this reason, nations such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran and Germany are not qualified for Security Council membership.

Pakistan has achieved three of the qualities listed above (military, nuclear, missile). If Pakistan reforms its Constitution, then it will be a political power. As a result, in ten years Pakistan will also be an economic and social power. Hence, Pakistan can qualify for permanent UN Security Council membership with veto power. 

For this purpose, there is no need for lobbying or diplomacy.

​Vision for Pakistan

Throughout history, Islam as a state has had two political rises and falls. After the second fall in 1918 when the Turkish Empire was defeated, a Caliphate movement began by two Islamic scholars: Hassan al-Banna from Egypt and Molana Maududi from India. Within 50 years, each movement’s political party failed and their disappointed followers resorted to the Muslim Militant Movement (MMM) . 

In 1979, Russia invaded Afghanistan. America and its allies used the MMM to break Russia into 13 countries. As a result, America became a singular super power; on the other hand, Pakistan was used and throw out because of its vision-less and corrupt leadership. 

After 9/11, about 50% of the MMM were killed and 50% the MMM were used to destabilize Pakistan by India and other Muslim countries. Now it is a mess and threat to world peace and security. The Pakistani military has eliminated this threat but other countries are still struggling. 

But we are still ignoring the basic issue that is “every Muslim child starts his or her learning from the Quran and the Quran talks about Jihad and Caliphate repeatedly.“ While we cannot stop their thought processes nor control their emotions, we can teach them a New Narrative for Jihad and Caliphate so that their understandings and emotions can be satisfied. 

A New Narrative, or practical manifestation of Jihad and Caliphate: Jihad is a struggle through a road map given in visionforPakistan.com. To achieve the goal of qualifying Pakistan as member of the UN Security Council with veto power, this status for a Muslim country will be equivalent a Caliphate in the present time. 

Muslim youth - present and future-  will only be satisfied if this goal is achieved by Pakistan. They will feel respected and dignified, and their disputes and conflict with other countries will be resolved respectfully. It will bring peace and security to the world.Type your paragraph here.

​Importance of U.N. Security Council Membership


Out of the 7 Billion world population, 1.5 Billion are Muslim and still no Muslim nation has qualified for permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council with veto power. With no voice in the U.N. Security Council, the problems and disputes of these Muslim nations remain unsolved, leading to wars, extremism, terrorism, etc.

Out of 60 Muslim nations, Pakistan is the only one capable of qualifying for this permanent membership with veto power. Should Pakistan follow the road map described in this Vision for Pakistan, they will be able to achieve membership within the next eleven years. Through Pakistan’s membership, peace can be achieved.

In order to achieve a position in the Security Council, Pakistan must move towards economic growth within eleven years. As shown in the previous diagram, the departments of energy, water, infrastructure, industry, agriculture, housing, education, and health should undergo serious planning for Pakistan’s growth. For each department, a team of experts will construct a plan for vast economic growth for the next 100 years.

A Historical argument

Do you agree that Pakistan could qualify for U.N. Security Council Membership as mentioned in this Vision For Pakistan?