Pakistan should immediately sever every relationship with India until India leaves Srinagar Valley (about 16,000 km²) OR​ accepts referendum in Srinagar Valley under UNO.

 1. Geographically Stable Pakistan

2. No Constitutional Discrimination

3. Powerful senate with presidential  form of Government

​4. Senate Seat Distribution

  1. ​​​Balochistan: 20
  2. ​Sindh: 20
  3. ​Punjab: 20
  4. ​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 20
  5. ​​Kashmir: 20

​​5. Five Provinces, 20 Senate Seats per  Province, 100 Senate Seats


Vision For Kashmir

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The Division of india was based on two nation theory

1948 UN Resolution for Kashmir was never workable from its origins. If Punjab & Bengal divided in 1947 on the basis of Muslim majority, why not Kashmir? Pakistan should demand a referendum only in Srinagar Valley where about 8 million people (95% of the population) are Muslim.

Kashmir as the 5th Province of Pakistan

​Vision for Pakistan

Pakistan should amend the constitution to integrate Kashmir as a 5th Province in km² :

Gilgit Baltistan-72,000 km² + AJK-12,000 km² + Srinagar valley-16,000 km² = about 100,000 km² in total.