A letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan

Hafeez Choudhary presents the constitutional Reforms for a presidential system to Imran Khan

Hafeez Choudhary presents the constitutional Reforms for a presidential system to Imran Khan – Chairman PTI,
Dix Hills New York on August 7th, 2010


Imran Khan agreed he will work on these reforms when PTI will be in Power

Meeting with Imran Khan at Bani Gala

Meeting with Imran Khan at Bani Gala, 30th Jan 2015 to discuss constitutional reforms and to handover to Imran Khan a draft copy of A practical road map for a presidential system

Requesting Prime minister Imran Khan

Requesting Prime minister Imran Khan to form constitutional reforms committee in Pakistan Washington DC, July 22, 2019

Also mailed Imran Khan request for notification to form a constitutional reform committee for a Presidential system September 21, 2020

Pakistan convention center Islamabad

February 11 & 12, 2012 Pakistan convention center Islamabad

Host and Presenter: Hafeez Choudhary
Vision for Pakistan presentation to all political parties Special programs were telecast on Vision for Pakistan on ARY News, hosted by Waseem Badami

Justice Manzoor Gillani
Justice Tariq Mahmood
Justice Shaiq Usmani
Syed Iftikhar Gillani
Ahhmad Raza Khan Kasuri
Babar Sattar
Farrukh Saleem
Hasil Bizenjo
Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti
Hafiz Hussain Ahmed
Ayaz LAtif Palejo
Shehla Raza
Air Marshal Shahzad Chaudhary
Syed zafar Ali shah
Kashmala Tariq
Hamayun Akhtar Khan
Attique Ahmed Khan
Masood Sharif Khan Khattak
Professor Ibrahim

Meeting with Tahir ul Qadri

Meeting with Tahir ul Qadri, April 19, 2014, in Houston Texas having a discussion about constitutional reforms
the second meeting was held in Toronto Canada June 6, 2014
We agreed that “Revolution” means to bring structural changes in the 1973 constitution of Pakistan but Mr. Qadri did not agree to do some homework on this and build consensus, Qadri agreed to 80% of my structural reforms for a presidential system in Pakistan.

Biography of


Hafeez Choudhary was born in 1958 in Sahiwal, Pakistan. He completed his master’s in petroleum geology in 1984 from Punjab University in Lahore. He worked for the Oil & Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) until 1992 when he and his family moved to the United States. Hafeez became a permanent citizen and established a business in real estate development concentrated in New York City.

Hafeez started to draft a vision for Pakistan concerning political, social, and economic justice about 45 years ago. His philosophy is organic, based on his own observations and logical conclusions, untainted by the confines of political parties, religious organizations, NGOs, etc. The solutions to achieving political justice in Pakistan proposed by Hafeez have been presented to important political leaders in Pakistan and the electronic media.

Islamabad Declaration

Constitutional reforms consensus among five nations of Pakistan

Constitutional reforms consensus among five nations of Pakistan July 14,15, 2014
Naz Baloch – Sindh
Afzal Shigri – Kashmir
Justice Manzoor Gillani – Kashmir
Ayaz Latif Palejo – Sindh
Hafeez Choudhary – Punjab
Masood Sharif Khattak – KPK
Shahid Lateef – Air Marshal Punjab
Jamal Shahh – Baluchistan
Ayatullah Durrani – Balochistan
Iftikhaar Ahmad – (BArrister KPK)


Consensus percentage for constitutional reforms 90-100%

Seminar on National Securities

Seminar on National Securities arranged by Pakistan house April 27, 2015, at Marriott Islamabad

I presented that Pakistan should make its base strong which is constitutional nationalism by bringing structural reforms in the constitution for a presidential system, stabilizing the country politically which is the actual security threat to Pakistan.

Meeting with Politicians

Meeting with Politicians from 5 provinces at Marriott Islamabad on November 15, 2015
This was a follow-up meeting.

Presentation at Sahiwal club

Vision for Pakistan presentation Sahiwal club on November 20, 2015, I felt the general public is more willing to adopt the presidential system in Pakistan.

Presentation to Ex-chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary

Presentation to Ex-chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary Islamabad December 22, 2015


I had 5 meetings with Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary during November and December 2015. Justice Iftikhar was in Favor of a presidential system but unfortunately doesn’t want to adopt any road map to achieve this goal.

Meeting with Farogh Naseem, Law minister

Meeting with Farogh Naseem, Law minister of Pakistan august 30, 2018 at Marriott Islamabad this was my third meeting with Farogh Naseem since 2011 on this topic


Barrister Farogh Naseem was agreed up to 85% of my draft for the presidential system and he promised to move on this at the appropriate time

Conference on Constitutional Reforms, Governance, and Implementation

One day National Conference on, “Constitutional Reforms: Governance and Implementation” organized by Pakistan House, an Islamabad based think tank, on Monday, Jan 13, in Serena Hotel, Islamabad is set to attract a large number of policy experts, politicos, media, academia, and students from several universities. Organizers of the conference hope to kick start a national dialogue on Pakistan’s form of governance; they ask: if Westminster parliamentary system has served Pakistan well? The 18th Amendment will also come under sharp focus.

Pakistan House, an Islamabad based think tank is organizing a one-day national conference on, “Constitutional Reforms: Governance and Implementation” on Monday, Jan 13, in Serena Hotel, Islamabad – event is set to attract a large number of policy experts, politicos, media, academia, and students from the capital city’s several universities.

Panelists include prominent media persons, politicians, and ex-civil servants who have served at important positions. Rana Athar, founding Director-General of Pakistan House, has briefed GVS on the objectives of this conference.

Rana, DG Pakistan House, believes that Pakistani politics represents a paradox; here military interventions have interfered with the development of democracy and political institutions but these military interventions have provided economic structures and stability -and often better governance.

Rana thinks that this paradox needs to be examined and expects that panelists will also touch upon the increased complexities of governance and delivery in Pakistan – especially since the devolution instilled by the 18th Amendment in 2010.

Both sessions have invited a Keynote Speaker Mr. Hafeez Choudhary. Mr. Choudhary who is being described as a founder of “Vision for Pakistan” 

He points out that while Westminster’s parliamentary system has served England well, it needs to be discussed if it has also served Pakistan well? And if not then why not? Could the Presidential system – like in Turkey – provide a solution to Pakistan’s unique challenges?

Pakistan House: Active from Islamabad to Copenhagen

Pakistan House is active between Islamabad, Copenhagen, and London since 2012. It has organized several conferences on national and international issues – attracting experts from across the world. It has diverse areas of interest that include: Pakistan’s Foreign relations, Trade & Tourism, Climate Change, Energy & Power Crisis and is working to generate ideas on Counter-Terrorism (CT) and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

General Ehsan Ul Haq NI (M) (retd), former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee is the founding Chairman of Pakistan House and appears to be the inspirational force behind this think tanks. Gen. Ehsan, unlike many of his contemporaries, has remained active in the think tank circuit the world over despite his retirement more than 10 years ago.

Rana Athar Javed is Director-General and main executive and organizer of conferences by Pakistan House and divides his time between Copenhagen and Islamabad. Other prominent board members include Lt Gen Asif Yasin Malik (retd), Lt Gen Khalid Rabbani (retd), Brig Riazullah Chib (retd) Amb. Salman Bashir (retd), Amb. Zamir Akram (retd)

Sessions of the Conference & Panelists 

Monday’s conference has two sessions. The first session is focused on “Constitutional Reform: Achievements and Failure of Political System“. Panelists for the session are: Lt Gen Naeem Lodhi, former Interim Defence Minister, Senator Muhammad Ali Khan Saif (MQM) – Sindh, Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad Ahmad, former Federal Secretary Election Commission, Senator Anwar Ul Haq Kakar PML (N), Balochistan and Ms. Naz Baloch (MNA) PPP (Sindh).

Both sessions have invited a Keynote Speaker Mr. Hafeez Choudhary. Mr. Choudhary is relatively unknown in Islamabad’s circles but is being described as a founder of “Vision for Pakistan” and a philanthropist from the United States.

The second Session will address, “Governance and Implementation: Bureaucracy, Media, Opinion and Dialogue“. This session involves four key media persons including Dr. Moeed Pirzada, Editor of Global Village Space and a prominent TV Anchor, Mr. Abdul Malik,  CEO of Hum News Channel, and prominent TV anchor, Fahd Hussain, Editor Dawn Islamabad, and prominent TV Anchor and Mr. Hassan Khan, Senior anchorperson at Khyber News – a Pashto channel.

Amongst these media personalities is perched Maj Gen Ejaz Awan (Retd). Former ambassador and a senior defense analyst. Gen. Awan, in his long military career, had also served in Swat during the operations against the Taliban in 2009.