​Vision for Pakistan

• Development of Five Million Apartments for 20 Million People in Pakistan Living in the slums and unsafe buildings

• 3.5 million apartments in 10 larger cities and 1.5 million in 15 smaller cities.

Development of Five Million

Apartments for 20 Million People

Zoning, Storm water Utilities, and Disposal Systems

• Town plans of all these cities will be revisited and completed in 12 months and following critical decisions need to be made.
• Site Selection for Apartment Buildings.
• Solid waste and liquid waste disposal systems and sites.
• Special zoning areas for construction of five to ten story apartment buildings along mass transit exits (circular railway, orange train, metro, ring road, etc) as shown on transit
• Maps of Karachi and Lahore. Land will be acquired by federal government at fair market value.

Vacated Land Use

• After residents move into the new apartments, the unplanned colonies should be converted into Green Belts, specifically for playgrounds, libraries, and schools. All the residents of a single unplanned colony should be moved at one into a new building. Conversion to Green Belts should occur immediately after.

• This will effectively develop the country and give the poor reasonable living conditions.

Financing Arrangement

• To build five million apartments, the estimated cost will be $200 Billion dollars (40/SF). To complete these apartments in 10 years duration, 20 billion per year is needed. 5 billion is equity and 15 billion will be loan

Quality Control

• Buildings should be earthquake resistant with the ability to endure at least a category eight earthquake on the Richter scale.
• Experts should implement Passive Solar design buildings so as to safeguard residents from the nine-month long hot weather. Apartments layouts could range from 1-2 bedrooms, approx. 1000 SF.

Loan 150 Billion dollars in 10 years

• The 5 million apartments the estimated yearly rent collection will be $6 Billion. About $3 Billion will be required for maintenance and $3 Billion can be used as interest payment on the $150 Billion loan. If the projected is structured correctly and professionally, the $150 Billion loan can possibly be arranged at 2% annual interest. Pakistan can easily pay this back in ten to twenty years.

Equity Source: 50 Billion dollars in Ten Years

• $ 25 Billion can be generated by selling land for 100 high-rise buildings. This land will come from special district zoning in the downtown areas of different cities.

• Land (given to landlords by the British in 1947) used for welfare organizations until the 1980s and later sold/leased at a nominal rate to powerful individuals should be repossessed and auctioned off. This can generate approximately $ 25 Billion throughout the country.

Townhomes for Government Employees

• Special zoning areas for construction of three-story town houses on land acquired from government owned big houses (IG, DIG, SSP, SP, DSP, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Secretaries, Chief Engineers,etc).

• Town houses should be leased to current government employees (doctors, engineers, teachers, professors) who do not have homes.

Building Ownership

• These building will be owned Federal Government.

Zero Tolerance Policy

• There will be zero tolerance policy for future slums, and unsafe buildings in and outside of cities, or anywhere in Pakistan.

Apartment Leases (not ownership)

• Be given to those people currently living in unplanned dirty colonies and older unsafe buildings in downtowns.
• Have a monthly rent based on

      Income                                 Income Rent

    RS 25,000                                     5,000

    RS 50,000                                   10,000

    RS 100,000                                 20,000

• not be sold or given any type of ownership (that can cause legal issues when families grow)