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Hafeez Choudhary was born in 1958 in Sahiwal, Pakistan. He completed his masters in petroleum geology in 1984 from Punjab University in Lahore. He worked for the Oil & Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) until 1992 when he and his family moved to United States. Hafeez became a permanent citizen and established a business in real estate development concentrated in New York City.

Hafeez started to draft a vision for Pakistan concerning political, social, and economic justice about 35 years ago. His philosophy is organic, based on his own observations and logical conclusions, untainted by the confines of political parties, religious organization, NGO's etc. The solutions to to achieving political justice in Pakistan proposed by Hafeez have been presented to important political leaders in Pakistan and the electronic media.

1. Developed nations are in fact “developed” because their constitutions are compatible with the common sense and collective wisdom of their citizens. In an undeveloped nation such as Pakistan this is not the case.

2. The 1973 Constitution was not approved by a constitutional assembly and also not by referendum.

​​Throughout history, Islam as a state has had two political rises and falls. After the second fall in 1918 when the Turkish Empire was defeated, a Caliphate movement began by two Islamic scholars: Hassan al-Banna from Egypt and Molana Maududi from India. Within 50 years, each movement’s political party failed and their disappointed followers resorted to the Muslim Militant Movement (MMM) . 

In 1979, Russia invaded Afghanistan. America and its allies used the MMM to break Russia into 13 countries. As a result, America became a singular super power; on the other hand, Pakistan was used and throw out because of its vision-less and corrupt leadership. 

Kashmir as 5th Province


About Hafeez Choudhary

​​1948 UN Resolution for Kashmir was never workable from its origins. If Punjab & Bengal divided in 1947 on the basis of Muslim majority, why not Kashmir? Pakistan should demand a referendum only in Srinagar Valley where about 8 million people (95% of the population) are Muslim.

Pakistan should amend the constitution to integrate Kashmir as a 5th Province in km²: Gilgit Baltistan-72,000km² + AJK-12,000km² + Srinagar valley-16,000km² = about 100,000 km² in total.

​Vision for Pakistan